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Dr David Urch, a UK vet, has written a book about the use of aloe vera in veterinary practise. It is called Aloe Vera, Nature’s Gift. He explains in detail the properties of aloe vera and how it can be used on animals. He includes many before and after photographs. An interesting historical note is that when he started researching the use of aloe vera on animals he realised that the plant is depicted at the top of the veterinary crest in the hand of the cenotaph. Aloe vera’s outstanding health properties have been known for a long time!

The Benefits of using Aloe Products on your Pet

Skin Problems: Aloe Vera is an excellent preparation to use for skin conditions such as allergies, abscesses, fungal infections, pyoderma, and many types of dermatitis. The oral gel can be given in the food, and the topical varieties applied directly to the skin. Aloe Vera will decrease inflammation as well as helping to remove dead cells and discharges. It will encourage a suitable environment for regeneration of cells so aiding the healing of wounds.

Wounds and Burns: These respond particularly well to Aloe Vera. For a wound or burn to heal effectively it must be kept clean and moist with a supply of nutrients. It will also require air and may need protecting. Take care when removing dressings not to damage new cells. Aloe Vera can aid the natural healing processes and help secure the above objectives.

Digestive System: Aloe Vera can prove very beneficial in helping conditions of the digestive system, particularly where inflammation is involved. Conditions such as stomatitis, gingivitis, and oral ulceration can all be helped with aloe Vera.

The most useful preparations for use in the mouth are those that are spray based and the gelly. More serious conditions such as vomiting and diarrhoea also often respond to oral administration of Aloe Vera Gel combined with bland diets. Remember that all products must be used in conjunction with medication or veterinary advice and not instead of.

Immune System: A number of animal diseases have their origin in the immune system. The most common are asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, arthritis, and lupus. The oral administration of Aloe Vera can be useful in chronic immunological problems.

Ear and Eye Problems: One of the most common ear conditions is otitis externa where infection and inflammation develop in the vertical and horizontal ear canals. These are often mixed infections of mites, bacteria, fungi, and yeasts and may also involve foreign bodies such as grass seeds. Aloe Vera gel, Gelly and in combination with Bee Propolis can be very useful in treating this condition. Always ensure that a vet sees the ear so that causes such as foreign objects and tumours can be dealt with if present.

Eye conditions are potentially more serious and should always be examined by a vet. A dilute solution of Aloe Vera can be helpful for conjunctivitis and keratitis.

Forever Living Products for Animals


1 Aloe Sunscreen (118ml)

This shields skin from the effects of over-exposure to sun and wind. It can be used on ear-tips and noses to protect and soothe. It also cools and moisturises. It is high protection factor (SPF) 30.

2 Aloe Vera Gel and Berry Nectar (1 litre)

Aloe vera drinks are liquid dietary foods consisting of the stabilised inner leaf gel only. The outer leaf and laxative aloin are not included in the product. These gels are suitable for all – humans and animals. They may be added to the animals’ food, or given to them in water.

The Aloe Gel is plain aloe gel, and the Berry Nectar has cranberry and apple juices added to the aloe gel. This increases the level of vitamin C, and helps with urinary tract infections. Both drinks have a tonic effect, maintaining healthy digestive system and appetite, suppleness of joints, and revitalising energy levels. Aloe vera also has a soothing effect, acting to reduce the animal’s sensitivity to external irritants and promotes healthy skin, working from the inside out.

3 Aloe Liquid Soap (473ml)       Topical product

Rich in soothing aloe vera, this ‘no tears’ formula is excellent for bathing animals.  It will remove mud, and is gentle enough to use on delicate skin. It cleans without causing irritation, making it suitable for sensitive or itchy skins.

4 Aloe Propolis Crème (118ml)

This is a rich soothing cream. Propolis is a natural agent used by bees to maintain the health of the hive. The combination of aloe vera with bee propolis calms minor irritations and infections, and moisturises at the same time.

5 Aloe Vera Gelly (118ml)

This is a thick topical gel that soothes skin irritations, including minor cuts, stings, and abrasions, and  lubricates and soothes wounded tissue in sensitive areas. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and its highly penetrative properties can also help reduce excessive ‘proud flesh’ and ease soreness caused by bit-rubbing.

6 Aloe Veterinary Formula (473ml)

High in stabilised aloe vera gel, with a nozzle applicator, this liquid can be sprayed directly on to tender areas on the animal to irritations or cleanse before dressing a wound, or applying Aloe Vera Gelly. It can also be sprayed on to the animal’s coat after bathing for extra shine and condition. It can be used to soothe legs after heavy exercise.

7 Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo (296ml)

Aloe vera adds its soothing and strong anti-fungal properties to this mild, deep cleansing shampoo. Combined with moisturising and conditioning properties of jojoba oil, it will also leave your animal’s coats, manes, and tails tangle free and shining.

8 Aloe Heat Lotion (118ml)

This is aloe vera in a heat producing formulation, encouraging blood supply to the area of application. It is suitable for use where increased circulation would be beneficial, and is particularly useful for its soothing action on joints, ligaments, and muscles. In animals it is essential to apply it directly on to skin, and not on to hair.

9 Aloe MSM (118ml)

This is a fast-acting soothing gel formulation suitable for topical application to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Methysulphonylmethane (MSM) is a rich source of organic sulphur needed for optimal function of connective tissues and joints. MSM maintains joint fluid as well as naturally regenerating the articular cartilage. In animals it needs to be applied directly to the skin and not on hair.

10 Forever Freedom (1 litre)

This drink consists of aloe vera gel plus glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, and methylsulphonylmethane (MSM). These compounds protect and regenerate joint cartilage, and maintain joint fluid.

11 Bee Propolis (60 tablets)

Propolis is a natural antibacterial substance which acts against certain bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. It is very helpful in soothing mouth and throat problems as well as conditions of the digestive tract. It ensures a rapid return to normal condition.

12 Bee Pollen (100 tablets)

This combats allergies, as well as being a superb energy supplement before or after an exercise period.